Barney Frank Shows off Man-Boobs on House Floor (Photo)

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What was he thinking? Barney Frank should have consulted a stylist prior to making his latest speech on the House floor. He sported a sheer, and way too tight, muscle shirt under his suit jacket which revealed his massive man boobs–complete with perky nipples.

Frank was asked about his bizarre choice of attire and admitted he elected for the Don Johnson look out of necessity. He’d recently had surgery on ligaments in his thumb, and for some reason, the sky blue, see-through muscle shirt is the only kind of top which accommodates his wrist cast.

Huh? Don’t they still make upper body casts in the House clinic?

This video of Barney Frank making the speech is hard to get through. He’s talking about banking something or other, but it’s difficult to get past the disturbing sight. And impossible to scratch out one’s own eyeballs afterward.

For a guy who says it just became too troublesome to get to know new voters in his re-zoned district and has decided to retire instead, it looks like Barney Frank is finally saying screw it and chucking decorum out the window.

Watch the train wreck here.

Visine recommended…

Image courtesy of Free Republic

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