Barry Bonds Steroids Case Results in Conviction

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Barry Bonds has been found guilty of obstruction of justice by a federal jury in relation to a performance-enhancing-drug case. Barry Bonds steroids case was held in San Francisco. Bonds was charged with four counts of perjury when he stated that he never intentionally used steroids. He was also accused of lying that his personal trainer, Greg Anderson, never injected human-growth hormone into him.


Of the four counts, Bonds was only convicted on one, with the judge declaring a mistrial on the three remaining counts, according to the LA Times. Anderson has spent nearly two years in jail for his association with the case and refused to testify against Bonds. Four former major-league baseball players did testify against Bonds and informing the court that Anderson had also injected them.


Prosecutors also had recordings of Anderson discussing how he injected the steroids. They also produced drug tests in which Bonds tested positive for steroids and fertility drugs. The tests had been administered several months before Bonds spoke in front of the grand jury.


The counts Bonds faces carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Due to federal guidelines, Bonds will likely be sentenced to 15 to 21 months in federal prison.


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