Bars of Gold

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Bars of Gold



There are times for words

There is untimed for whispers

But, must she wait for the small legend

To announced the truth of his destiny

In a mountain pass

Where night has no horizon

He lifted his head to kiss her back

And for decades of emotion

Hidden behind a twilight

A silent window appeal

To a natural surrender

The destitute,

Keep an eye on a silhouetted

Dress with silver stripes

The dance of blind puppet

Held in a blue hand mirror

Steering at the past moon naked dreams

The heavy masquerade of unseen misery

I learned to close my eyes as days went by

The mourning routine trapped

Through an impatient Night of regrets,

Behind drawn shades,

They found my soul Stripped of

My sense of balance with the world

The voice within a lone star

Embarks on a journey

Sifting through eye of the storm

Waiting For the pinnacle of

Her forgiveness…


Rony Joseph all rights reserved 2009



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