Basketball coach John Wooden gets 10 national titles, but doesn’t get to 100

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File this under sad news: John Wooden, the UCLA basketball coach who won ten National Titles, including seven straight, died at age 99.


He was four months shy of 100.

That’s absolutely incredible. It’s no shock that someone would die at 99. I mean, that happens. But, the sports world is in a little shock to have lost such a legend.

According to this, former UCLA star Marques Johnson said: “From a selfish standpoint, you’d love to see him live as long as possible, hit 100 at least. But after spending a couple hours with him two weeks ago and seeing how he was struggling, reclined
in his easy chair and nodding in and out, I felt it would be selfish on
our part to want him to stay around just to hit that milestone. He was
never about numbers, in life or in basketball. It was always about the
quality of effort.”

Speaking of numbers, according to the same report, he had an 88-game win streak and four undefeated seasons.

If you had 99 years, what would you accomplish?

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