Basketball Wife Evelyn Lozada Lands Football Player Chad Ochocinco

NFL player Chad Ochocinco and his Basketball Wife girlfriend, Evelyn Lozada, appeared on The Mo’Nique Show. Basketball Wives is a reality show on Vh1. Chad Ochocinco spoke on his love-hate relationship with reporters and ESPN. Apparently, Chad was not happy with how he was portrayed in the media.

Actually, Ochocinco is a really nice guy, and the media painted him as an outrageous showboater. According to Chad, there is an old saying that goes, “Act like you’ve been here before.” Chad pointed out that he has never been here before. “I have never been an NFL player before, and I am as excited as a child when I do something well while playing the game,” states Ochocinco. In effort to fight back at some of the bad press he was receiving, Chad started chatting with fans on Twitter and Facebook. Now people can follow him on Twitter and really get to know the real Chad Ochocinco and not the outlandish person which the media is trying to portray. Chad’s staff consists of four people who have been with him from the beginning. Amazingly, Ochocinco does not see himself as a football player. He said, “I’m an entertainer.”

When asked how he met Evelyn Lozada, Chad stated, “I met Basketball Wife Evelyn because a friend called me and told me that Evelyn and the Basketball Wives had been trash talking him on their show.” Apparently, Ochocinco had given a party that did not meet the ladies’ standards. He had never seen their show, so he did not know what his friends were talking about. He got on Twitter and began trash talking back. After watching the show, he realized their comments were not so bad. He extended his apology to Ms. Lozada for trashing her on Twitter. He asked her out for a meal to make up for his indiscretion.

Evelyn Lozada became part of Basketball Wives to promote her new business. She was not prepared for all the drama the show would later bring her. Evelyn didn’t realize that Basketball Wives was going to become a hit on American television. For their first date, Chad took Evelyn to McDonald’s. From there it was a hit, and they started to date. Lozada stated, “I didn’t realize how charming Chad was going to be.” Now Ms. Lozada is Ochocinco’s fiancée. She had on a lovely ring. She is excited, she loves and admires Chad.

Chad changed his last name from Johnson to Ochocinco a few years ago. When asked by Mo’Nique which name Evelyn would use after they were married, Chad jumped in and stated, “She’s going to use the name that pays us the money.” Evelyn seems to be happy with the name Evelyn Ochocinco. Chad wants a big wedding, and Evelyn wants a small personal ceremony in Florida with family and close friends. Lately, Chad has been very busy with his children and his new ventures.

So to all the people who thought the relationship between Ochocinco and Basketball Wife Evelyn Lozada was a hoax, it looks like they are wrong. Both Chad and Evelyn appear to be very happy and comfortable with their relationship. They actually make a lovely couple.

Photo Credit: Jeff Kern

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