Basketball Wives LA: Kimsha Artest Still On Says Shaunie O’Neal; Denies Fight

Basketball Wives LA has had a rough few weeks. There was a rumor that Kimsha Artest got into a fight with Shaunie O’Neal and completely beat her up. However, like the rest of Hollywood, there are the facts and then there is the juicy fiction. According to Shaunie in a recent interview, she never fought Kimsha and actually never even met her.

The strange thing is Shaunie has been the first of the two women to step forward and deny the growing rumors. It’s odd because one would think Kimsha would want to squash the rumors asap since they paint her in such a bad light. Instead, it was Kimsha’s husband, Ron Artest a.k.a. Metta World Peace that spoke out on her behalf.

Now, Shaunie O’Neal said, “I don’t know how you fight someone that you’ve never met nor talked to. We’ve never been in the same place at the same time that I know of. And I would never ever fight somebody, I guess you’d have to meet them first to do that, and that’s never happened. So, I really don’t know where all that came from. It’s funny though, because she took a jab at Jen over her.”

Shaunie goes on to say Basketball Wives Miami is her main focus and that she is “honestly very hands off with Basketball Wives L.A. I did not cast, nor did I care to cast and I could care less who’s on the show. When they were casting I was very very hands off. LA was already cast by the time I heard the line up and we were still filming Miami.”

Whether or not there is or was a feud between Kimsha Artest and Shaunie O’Neal will always remain murky to Basketball Wives LA‘s fans. Sometimes it is just easier to believe in a juicy lie than a boring fact.

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