‘Basketball Wives: LA’ Producers Lied to Create Drama Among Cast Members

Basketball Wives: LA‘s cast came across as crazy and manipulative on screen. However, there may have been more manipulation going on behind the scenes. Who would have thought that a reality show created drama? That’s just insane isn’t it? You would think that everyone in Hollywood has the best intentions and ethics! Anyway, back to reality.

Basketball Wives LA: Season 1Basketball Wives: LA‘s dirty little secret was exposed by former jilted cast member Tanya Young. The blonde estranged wife of basketball star Jayson Williams penned a blasting editorial for The Daily Beast. In it, Young claimed show’s producers chastised cast members like children, lied to them and punished them. The whole experience left Young so disgusted that she would often times show after taping.

She wrote, “The show has been produced to look like an embarrassing, demeaning, degrading, violent, and outright ignorant display of our worst selves… Despite the “friendships” portrayed on the screen, some producers purposely planted seeds of discord between the women, and told outright lies, hoping that conflict and drama would ensue…”

The balance Young hoped her presence brought to Basketball Wives: LA was, in her opinion, viewed as a threat. She wrote, “I was not only a threat because I would not belittle myself and simultaneously embarrass my mother, my daughters, and every black women in America, I was also a threat because I told the women that ‘no television show is worth fighting on and disgracing yourself for.'”

Now, it’s a waiting game to see how the show’s producers will respond to Tanya Young’s accusations. When it comes to entertainment, drama is what brings in ratings and ratings bring in the big bucks. It’s no wonder reality TV isn’t really real.

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