‘Basketball Wives’ Labeled as Classless ‘Jerry Springer’ Show by Professor

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Basketball Wives is making headlines these days because of a lawsuit filed by one of the stars on the show. She claimed she felt violated after being slapped by another costar, but the slap is far from the worst type of behavior shown on the reality show. Well, one professor from Syracuse University is now speaking out on the drama and Dr. Boyce Watkins believe that the show is nothing more than a modern version of The Jerry Springer Show.

evelyn lozada basketball wives 300x254 Evelyn Lozada Basketball Wife Heads Back for Season 2 Future Star of Football Wives?Given that several people have bashed the VH1 show for promoting violence and bullying, this professor thought it would be more appropriate to point out that violence on television is nothing new. Sure, it hasn’t been done in restaurant and in expensive heels, but the show’s violence is nothing new. The Jerry Springer Show has promoted violence for years, but no one says anything for those willing to go on the show and fight it out. But aren’t the stars of Basketball Wives agreeing to fight it out as well? None of them have broken contract!

Professor Watkins lists several similarities between the show to prove the point. Both shows tend to focus in on the most ignorant black people available who would want some television time, according to News One. Second, the shows both give people an opportunity to actually fight without being charged with assault. While The Jerry Springer Show does have a host to be the mediator, Shaunie O’Neal isn’t exactly taking sides. She often sits at the end of the table, watching the fighting happen.

And for those who claim that the show is classless and trashy are often the ones watching it and keeping it on the air. The show has been so successful that it has led to spin-offs and Jerry Springer has been on the air for years. But people never openly talks about watching the show.

Could Basketball Wives be a guilty pleasure than no one wants to admit to watching?

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