‘Basketball Wives’ Returns to Partner after Cheating Scandal with The Game

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Last season on The Basketball Wives, Gloria Govan decided to leave her partner of several years Matt Barnes behind because he took too long to pop the question and commit to the relationship. It wasn’t enough that the couple had several children; and when Matt was finally ready to make the relationship a marriage, Gloria was on her way out the door. This was at the end of the season, so fans are interested in seeing what Gloria ended up doing.

Well, rumor has it that Gloria has been caught in a cheating scandal with rapper, The Game. Apparently, Gloria supposedly cheated on Matt Barnes during their relationship with the rapper, but she denies all of the rumors. She claims she was faithful to Matt and their relationship when it was on. And during The Basketball Wives reunion, Gloria explained that she hadn’t hooked up with anyone.

And Matt had a feeling that Gloria had cheated on him with a close friend and the rapper began hinting that he could possibly be that mystery man. But Gloria herself isn’t dishing any details about what could have gone on. In fact, it seem she just wants to move on and not focus on the ‘foolish’ and ‘negative’ past. And it seems that Matt has forgiven whatever Gloria has done because the two are rumored to be together and planning their wedding.

Is Matt a fool for taking her back or is Gloria speaking the truth?

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