‘Basketball Wives’ Royce Reed May Be Dating a Cheater

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Basketball Wives star Royce Reed recently introduced fans of the show to her new man, NFL star Dezmon Briscor from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The two had a romantic date on Monday night’s episode and even talked about marriage. But what Royce probably didn’t realize was that Dezmon may actually be cheating on his child’s mother Christina Nero, making Royce the other woman. That’s probably not what she expected. Well, it turns out that Christina saw the show and was less than pleased about the make-out session and marriage talks that she decided to reveal Dezmon’s cheating ways.

Christina tweeted pictures of text messages that Dezmon had sent her, including him wanting to have sex with her. The sexting messages were very revealing and pretty much showed how this Basketball Wives star had been played for a fool. Well, Royce is now defending her man, claiming that Christina exchanged the name on the text message. While Christina claims that Dezmon sent her the texts, Royce claims it was another man and she just exchanged the names to make it seem like it was the truth.

Well, Royce is standing by her man, so hopefully the truth is that he is faithful to Royce. She would end up looking like an idiot if Dezmon was cheating on her with Christina. But Dezmon denies cheating and when asked, he said “hell no.” That was enough for Royce to believe him.

Sure, many of her costars probably believe that Christina is telling the truth, including Tami and Evelyn. This is perfect ammunition for the women to attack Royce, given she claimed she was happy that she wasn’t in their shoes on an earlier season.
Careful what you wish for Royce.

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