‘Basketball Wives’ Royce Regretting Standing Up for Cheating Dezmon

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Basketball Wives star Royce Reed shared her newest love interest Dezmon on this week’s episode of the show, but as soon as it aired, she got lots of heat from Dezmon’s ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child. Could the ex-girlfriend have blasted Royce on Twitter for publicity? Sure, but it turns out she actually had a strong case. She claims that Dezmon was cheating on Royce, because he had been sexting his ex about getting together and having sex. Before Royce talked to Dezmon about it, she attacked his ex Christina on Twitter, calling her a liar. Well, Royce felt like an idiot when Dezmon admitted to sending the text messages and cheating on Royce! Ouch! Perhaps the ‘baby mama’ actually just wanted Royce to know the truth. Hello Beautiful has collected all of the tweets sent from Dezmon and Royce after the news broke, and it looks like Royce isn’t ready to forgive and forget.

BasketballWivesTitleCard.jpg“I sent the messages she posted,” Dezmon admitted on his twitter. “Ask my baby mama have I touched her since I got her pregnant and see what she say …” he continued. “I could have handled the situation better. I’m still wrong and I wanna apologize to Royce because she doesn’t deserve that. Love you I’m done now,” he wrote hoping Royce would read it. And lucky for him, she did. But she wasn’t buying his apology. “WOW! #tears but thanks for being honest,” Royce replied. And good for her. Why should she accept his Twitter apology? Wouldn’t a real man work harder to get her to forgive him? Hmm, be skeptical of this one Royce!

The Basketball Wives star’s tweets following that weren’t exactly promising for the couple. “I was lied 2 and stood by it,” she explains. “Gonna take a lot more than THAT 4 forgiveness…My heart is broken….y the hell send it just 2 appease sum1,” she questioned. And while Royce probably spent the night pondering about what to do, Dezmon told her what to do. “Do what’s best for you … point blank,” he wrote.

Way to fight for her, Dezmon! You probably just gave her all the reason in the world not to take you back. Boys, learn from this—never use Twitter to apologize to a woman!

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