‘Basketball Wives’ Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: Consequences

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Former teammates and MVP players Jennifer Willaims and Evelyn Lozada–Mean and Evil–officially ended their friendship in dramatic fashion on this week’s episode. The chaos continued on Basketball Wives as the women dealt with the aftermath of the slap heard around the world.

Jennifer gave her fellow cast mates a heavy dose of reality by sticking to her threats and filing a police report against season newcomer Nia Crooks. The show’s key players have gotten away with various types of mindless behavior since the show first premiered. Hopefully Jennifer’s filing will finally force the women to think before throwing another open-handed slap or glass.

Evelyn has a brand new reason to hate her one time BFF. Jennifer was quick to point out Nia’s misfortunes and how they may have contributed to her nothing to lose type attitude. Apparently this insult warranted a leap across a table and an attempted vase throwing. One of the funniest moments of this week’s episode went to Jennifer and Evelyn fighting over who has more pull on the show. “I have more authority than you bitch!” Since when did VH1 make Eve a producer? Does Shaunie O’Neal even have pull on this show anymore? Before defending her friend, Evelyn might want to roll back last season’s tape and count all the times that she called fellow cast member Royce Reed a “bum.” Just sayin’.

Speaking of Royce, she took some time in this week’s episode to introduce her new boy toy to her friends. Does anyone else think that Royce and Kesha Nichols might actually enjoy each other’s company? It’s nice to see a friendship actually blossom on this show without the unnecessary threats of getting “popped” for speaking the wrong words.

Evelyn took a break from her beef with Jennifer to take some photos for her new book. Although many viewers may not agree with her beyond heated temper, Evelyn’s various business ventures are admirable. She’s turned her fifteen minutes of fame into a full-fledged career. Hopefully her new book, Inner Circle: The Wives Association, will serve up the drama that everyone secretly loves to see from the future Mrs. Ochocinco. The show ended with Evelyn in tears as she thanked all her friends for the birthday love that they all bestowed upon her. It’s nice to see the warm care-free spirit that so many viewers fell in love with on season one of Basketball Wives. Hopefully the drama, and the angry forehead vein, will take a backseat for the rest of the season.

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