‘Basketball Wives’ Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: ‘Bitch, Bitch, and More Bitch’

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Another week, another game of Basketball Wives. VH1’s cash cow is back with more dinners, drinks, charity events, and tons of bitchiness. After a slow start, the girls finally turned up the heat in game four.

Kenya Bell refused to take the advice of her cast mates and insisted on making a straight to nowhere video. She might not have the best dance moves or weave, but this girl is consistent—consistently bad. In horrible makeup and those same reject steps, Kenya shot her music video and finally gave fans of the show a peak at her voice. If this was American Idol, she would probably leave the auditions without a golden ticket, but still make the show clips. Yeah, it was that bad.

Jennifer Williams declared her independence…again. It seems as if this same clip has been shown before. Jennifer is definitely turning into this show’s Nene Leakes. Viewers can only hear about her marriage issues so much until they start to turn a deaf ear. It’s great to see Jenn trying to pick up the pieces and move forward with her life and her new lip gloss line, even if, as Tami Roman pointed out, this was the tenth time that she had an official “launch” party for Lucid. Her divorce papers aren’t signed, but her lip gloss is poppin’. Jennifer put her absent cast mates on the back burner at the event and stated that “the people that are important are here,” but according to season favorite Tami, they simply weren’t invited.

Kesha Nichols did invite the girls to her charity event, but made sure to remind them all to be on their best behavior. Although under normal circumstances this warning may have been inappropriate and crass, it was very much warranted with this group of women. Season two’s charity event ended with four letter words and a huge fight over food stamps. Just sayin’. Thankfully for Kenya, Kesha’s request moved the target from her back and put it directly on Kesha’s head. You can guess how the next few scenes went. The women met up at a restaurant in a private section reserved by producers to talk about how much they dislike Kesha.

The episode took a serious turn when Kesha voiced to Evelyn Lozada her reservations about Tami. In her initial meeting with Kesha, Tami questioned Kesha’s race and mentioned that she sounded white. Tami, Tami, Tami. One week she pulls at your heartstrings only to turn around and give you heartburn the next week. Instead of letting Kesha handle the issue directly with Tami, Evelyn took the information to Tami first and of course it was brought back up when Kesha and the rest of the cast were at the private dinner. If you’ve seen an episode of Basketball Wives, you already know how a “conversation” with Tami goes. It started with “I don’t want to hear what you have to say” and ended with “bitch, bitch, and more bitch.”

The cast heads back to the city that it all started in next week. It’s been a little weird seeing the girls outside of their natural element with layers of clothing on. Bring on the sundresses, hoop earrings, shades, and the Miami Heat! See you next week boo boo.

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