‘Basketball Wives’ Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: Make Love, Not War

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All is fair in the game of Basketball Wives. This week the battle lines were clearly drawn between two cast mates while two former enemies finally threw up their white flags and peacefully set aside their differences.

“Do you think that she’s crazy?” Really Evelyn? You just threw a wine bottle and a plate at another human being and you’re questioning their sanity? At this point, the only sane people seem to be the producers running to break up the numerous fights on this show. Although everyone can have a few sporadic moments of inappropriate behavior, Evelyn’s consistent threats of violence and her idiotic swears of being OK with catching a case for a good beat down are both sad and immature. It also makes for some really good TV! That’s the thing with Eve—you may not agree with her actions, but you can’t take your eyes off them. Thankfully, Shaunie O’Neal and Tami Roman reminded Evelyn that her actions could have landed her in a small jail cell far from the sunny beaches of Miami.

Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed were finally able to put their Twitter beef behind them. Who saw this one coming? Jennifer definitely needs some friends on her team. This show is nothing short of a game. A portion of her success with her endorsement deals depend on her success on the show. While the other girls may not have a direct problem with Jennifer, they are obviously team Evelyn all the way. A makeup with Royce not only means a renewed friendship, but also an opportunity for more screen time with another key player on the show. Just saying. Lucid won’t sell on its own.

Is anyone else starting to feel bad for Kenya Bell? One week you almost get bashed over the head with a bottle and the next you’re premiering your music video to disapproving frenemies. OK, the video was bad, but Kenya should definitely get some credit for having the courage to do it on her own. And it must have taken a lot of courage to premiere that horrible video. While Tami and the head of her glam team were a little hard on Kenya, stepping into the world of entertainment opens you up to a brand new realm of judgment. Get used to it Kenya. They were nice compared to the ridicule you’ll experience in the blogosphere.

Tami continues to peel back the layers and show the sensitivity hiding under all the anger. In a touching moment with her mother, Tami opens up about the previous pain she experienced in life and how the lack of affection in her relationship with her mother may have led to the issues she’s going through today.

Critics of Basketball Wives have long ridiculed the show for the irony of the title and for its lack of positive images. Many thought that one of the main ways to combat this was to show the bad girls doing good behavior. Instead of throwing the wives in another charity event for them to just end up ruining, the producers are starting to show a truth behind the madness of the main characters. While many people may cheer on show favorites as they fight, curse and throw wine bottles, Tami is slowly showing the real courage that it takes to reveal the true colors of your darkest moments in front of the bright camera lights. Hopefully her confessions will teach Basketball Wives’ young demographic how to drop the wine bottle and truly deal with the pain inside.

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