‘Basketball Wives’ Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Enough!

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It’s all been leading up to this. The Monday night cringe ensued as Basketball Wives continued their weekly dose of drama.

VH1. It used to be a channel that you only turned to in hopes of seeing the untold story of your favorite artists on Behind the Music. It may have even filled your carefree evenings with fun and witty video information as you curled up and watched an episode of Pop Up Video. That all changed with one program: Flavor of Love. Let’s be clear—there are few differences between Flavor Flav’s now cancelled reality show and Basketball Wives. Both shows feature women fighting and cursing while the cameras catch it all. And they all had to kiss ugly men to get casted.

The first 45 minutes of this week’s episode were filled with the same weekly meetings. The girls got together with a mojito and gossiped about the other cast mates. The last 15 minutes were something for the record books. Tami Roman and Shaunie O’Neal previously discussed their hopes to keep everything civil at the upcoming horse race event. Instead of sticking to their plans, the ‘wives’ opted to call out fellow cast mate Jennifer Williams for a letter that her lawyer sent out concerning her personal safety while filming the show. One argument turned into 50 and season non-factor Nia Crooks decided to take her frustration out on Jennifer’s face with a heavy slap. Evelyn ‘hothead’ Lozada then proceeded to jump on a table and launch at her former BFF. Enough.

Basketball Wives is a ratings hit for VH1. Millions of viewers tune in each Monday to see what new idiotic phrase will be put on a t-shirt and how many times the B-word can be used in a sentence. A vast majority of these viewers are women. The demographic of the show starts at the confusing age of 18. Sure, at that age young girls have graduated high school and are hopefully on their way to college, but are they truly women? During the late 80s and early 90s, Monday nights were reserved for The Cosby Show in many black households. It was a relaxing escape into the lives of the Huxtables. Phylicia Rashad as Mrs. Huxtable was a shining example of a successful and intelligent black woman. Through teaching her factious children about the importance of higher learning, she in turn helped the enrollment numbers at HBCUs across the country rise.

This show is simply doing its demographic an injustice. This is not the reality that so many of them actually know. When that camera recording light turns red, think of the image that you’re portraying to the 18-year-old girl that is watching. She might be looking to you for guidance. Enough!

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