‘Basketball Wives’ Star Trying to Work Through Cheating Scandal

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Basketball Wives star Royce Reed was the center of a cheating scandal just last week, when it was revealed that her boyfriend was texting his ex-girlfriend some pretty intimate and sexual messages. This ex-girlfriend, Christina, decided to share pictures of text messages, which brought the rumors to a whole new level. Even though Royce decided to stand by her man, he eventually admitted the cheating and Royce was devastated. He did issue an apology on Twitter, but she wasn’t exactly buying now.

Now, a week later, Royce is still trying to work through the hurt and the pain by tweeting inspirational love tweets. It sounds like she is trying to forgive Dezmon for his cheating ways, as she is defending the act of accepting an apology. “Apologizing isn’t a sign of weakness, nor is accepting one,” she wrote earlier today. “It just shows u value ur relationship more than ur ego.”

This Basketball Wives has probably gone through lots of thinking over the past week, considering whether staying with him was worth it. Although he admitted to sexting his ex-girlfriend, he does stand by the claim that the two never explored intimacy while he was dating Royce. Now, it seems like she is trying to make it work again by showing that her relationship is worth fighting for. “You can’t have a relationship without fights, but you can make your relationship worth the fight,” she tweeted later. It sounds like she is trying to justify why she is staying with him.

Should Royce have dumped Dezmon?

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