‘Basketball Wives’ Stars Shouldn’t Be Blamed for Horrible Behaviour, Says Jada Pinkett-Smith

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Jada Pinkett-Smith watches Basketball Wives and she doesn’t exactly understand why people are being so aggressive with the boycott and hatred towards the show. Essentially, it is just a group of women sharing their reality with the public — with people, who can choose to not watch the show if they please. Well, Jada actually defends the show, because she doesn’t think the stars of the show should be blamed for the bad reputation the show has gotten. She may not be a hardcore fan, but she does think the blame should be put on the producers and editors. But isn’t Shaunie O’Neal a producer?

“I think there’s room for everything,” Jada recently said in an interview about Basketball Wives. “I think what we have to focus on is balancing. Everybody is trying to create, everybody is trying to make a living,” she continued. It sounds like she doesn’t care too much about is portrayed on the show, because she knows that the fighting isn’t exactly their entire lives. “Don’t be mad, don’t come down on them,” she continues. “Talk to the people that actually putting these shows on and ask them to balance it out.”

Well, it is questionable how much fans would agree with Jada. Surely, fans watching the show wouldn’t exactly say that Evelyn throwing a bottle and Tami making Kesha cry isn’t their fault. The producers choose to air it on television, but that doesn’t change the fact that these things happened.

Do you agree with Jada? Should the producers be blamed, or are the stars to blame for their actions?

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