‘Basketball Wives’ Suzie Claims She is Innocent in Drama

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Basketball Wives star Suzie Ketcham is known for having a big mouth and she likes to talk about anybody and everything without having mal intentions. However, her big mouth has landed her in trouble a few seasons ago when Jennifer and Evelyn went to Las Vegas and slept with men during their 48-hour stint in the city of sin. Although Suzie didn’t mean anything bad when she talked about it, she did end up breaking the trust with Evelyn causing a year silence between them.

However, now that the reunion taping and the dramatic season are done, Suzie would like to explain her innocence in all the drama. For once, she is not in the middle of the drama. “I wasn’t the one that said anything,” Basketball Wives star Suzie Ketcham explained in a new VH1 interview. And she doesn’t want to be blamed for it. “I still get along with everybody. I mean, I don’t like Kenya that much, but it’s not that serious.”

Suzie quickly made fans laugh when she hid in the pool, when Jennifer and Kenya left the resort in Tahiti. And of course, the interviewer had to ask if Suzie felt bad that she didn’t interject in the Kesha and Tami debacle. No one stepped in. So why did Suzie choose to just sit there? “I had nothing to do with the drama between them, I wasn’t the one that said anything. I had nothing to do with it. I think what happened with Kesha was extreme and I did try to step in and tell her when she wanted to call the police, I said don’t do that,” she explains. She didn’t feel it was her choice to step in since she wasn’t a part of it.

So, does her decision to stay out of it make her innocent since the Tami and Kesha fight ended up becoming an example of adult bullying? What do you think Suzie should have done to end the fighting?

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