‘Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman Thanks Supporters

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Basketball Wives star Tami Roman has returned to Twitter after deactivating her account for 24 hours. The hiatus was short and some fans didn’t even notice she was gone. But the short break didn’t exactly change people’s minds about her behavior. Removing oneself from a horrible situation doesn’t solve problems. Instead, people saw her deactivation as a way of her running from her troubles, especially since her public apology didn’t even mention her victim, Kesha Nichols.

Well, this morning she returned and she did address some haters, who had a thing or two to say about her behavior on Monday’s episode of Basketball Wives. But Tami was probably more excited about her message to her supporters, who believe she was just ‘keeping it real’ while filming.

“Many thanks, hugs and luv 2 my ride or die supporters,” Tami Roman wrote this morning. “I promise I will do better and be better :) Appreciate U all.” One way of doing better would be to issue a public apology, where she acknowledges what she did, apologize to Kesha directly and explain what she plans to do to make it better. It doesn’t exactly look good when she just deletes her account, signs on to another television show and is doing what she needs to do for money. Thinking about her career rather than her public image will only come back to bite her in the behind.

What do you think of Tami’s return to Twitter? Should she have handled the situation differently after the show aired on Monday?

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