Bathing the soul

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Bathing the soul

They collected the samples and slogged away,

their medical kits swaying beside them.

She had the answers

and they, the proofs.


At night the nurse neared her with a long syringe;

her figure- a nebulae held in a shapeless uniform.


The medicine led her to a bathing chamber.

She reclined upright under one blue light source.

It showered her.

She never read Gita before; never bathed.


Later her personal philosopher said-

she already knew those verses.


She believed it her first bath.

She remembered her soul

drowning in and rising off the blue.

The hands dirtied her

still hovered over her body,



©All Rights Are Reserved By Kushal Poddar, 2011 (written on 24th-26th August, 2011)


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loves to write and read, dies to have your friendship.Here is my short bio:Kushal Poddar (1977- ) resides in the city of Kolkata, in the state of West Bengal, India. He began writing poems at the age of six in his vernacular Bengali. He begins pr

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