Batleth Robbery by Nerd in Colorado Springs

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So it appears someone’s been robbing Colorado Springs 711 stores with a Batleth. What’s a Batleth you ask? Well, a Batleth is Klingon weapon in the Star Trek universe.

But the Batleth itself is not the important part of this post. Well, it is kinda, but not in the way you’d expect.

The important part be thus: If you know what a Batleth is, you are in fact a Star Trek NERD. Do not argue with me, this question was the litmus test to determine your Star Trek nerdness. It’s like the SAT or something.

But it’s hip to be a nerd these days, right? Wrong. And here’s my proof from the Batleth story itself: Police say both the 711employees robbed by our would-be Klingon recognized the Batleth from Star Trek. You get that – they recognized it. That’s like a mathematical proof proving if you’re a Star Trek nerd and know what a Batleth is, you’ll end up working at a 711. Or robbing it.


Either way, you’re screwed for life.


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