Batman Shooting Victims’ Expenses Covered By Colorado Children’s Hospital

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In the time of need, Americans always step forward to offer aid. This time it’s Colorado Children’s Hospital playing the part of the hero. They are covering the expenses of the Aurora Batman shooting victims in their facility.

Colorado Children’s Hospital had this to say, “(Our) mission has always been to provide the best care possible to all children who need it regardless of their ability to pay.” They went on to add that they’re extending that mission to also cover the adults hurt in the Aurora tragedy.

The facility downplayed their generosity by noting that the expenses are covered by donations directed their way as well as their internal charity organization. Still, most people understand that the costs in this case could prove astronomical.

Luckily, Warner Brothers, the studio responsible for the film The Dark Knight Rises is also stepping forward. The studio made a sizable donation to to help cover the care of the applicable victims.

Money, good wishes, cheers to a quick recovery and more keep rolling in to make sure the Batman shooting victims know they’re not alone. While nothing can ever remove the scars of what they had to endure, hopefully they can see that they’re valued by those seeking to offer them comfort. Sadly, only time will tell.

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