‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom’ Amy Chua’s Shocking Memoir Spurs Parenting Debate

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In Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua lays down the world of high-strung, cut-throat parenting. As the Tiger Mom, she was stricter than a prison warden with her two daughters. They weren’t allowed any of the comforts of modern-day life such as TV, radio and playdates.

Battle Hymn of the Tiger MotherThe release of the Tiger Mother brought along a cornucopia of controversy over parenting styles. Questions like “what is beneficial parenting?” and “what is extreme parenting?” can come to mind as parents read Chua’s work. From what she recalled, it’s obvious, Chua’s parenting style was on the extreme side.

Chua recounted the days she would force her daughters to play musical instruments, hours on end. If they resisted, she would belittle them and throw out names like “garbage” and “pathetic.” Parents want their children to succeed, but Chua’s desire seemed to have metamorphed itself into an ugly monster.

Chua’s self-proclaimed title of Tiger Mother is one thing. The author’s stance in an article she penned for the Wall Street Journal is another thing altogether. Chua made it clear in the essay, titled “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” that Chinese women make better mothers.

No matter what Amy Chua is trying to do, one thing is certain, she has stirred the parenting debate cauldron. There’s no backing down now about what she’s written!

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