‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Claims Box Office Victory but Loses Out on Originality! Trailer

Battle: Los Angeles claimed box office victory this weekend. The film took in more than $50 million in tickets sales worldwide throwing Red Riding Hood and Mars Needs Moms out of the running. However, despite the box office success, Battle: Los Angeles came up short on storyline and originality.

Battle: Los Angeles was a combination of Independence Day, District 9, and Black Hawk Down. The storyline was predictable and bland. Worst, the film was less about aliens than about the relationship between a staff sergeant and the platoon he was assigned to.

Movie goers interested in an action packed movie will get what they’re looking for. However, if they’re hoping to see crazy, tripped out aliens battling Los Angeles, up close and personal – Forget about it!

A troubled staff sergeant (played by Aaron Eckhart) is about to leave the service. He’s got all his papers signed when an alien invasion takes place. The platoon he’s assigned to is unsure of him. Needless to say, it’s a predictable movie from the get-go.

From the first scene of Battle: Los Angeles, it’s a given, this film is not about the alien invasion, but another look into the intertwined relationships of the men who protect our country. The trailers do more to show the aliens then the actual film. If you take away the alien invasion attempt, the marines in Battle: Los Angeles, could be fighting a war with anybody.

There’s the typical marine who’s about to get married, the recovering marine who’s been through counseling, the hard ass, tough marine (who’s really a softie inside), and the trouble leader who will eventually turn into the world’s hero.

As for the aliens, the movie does very little to explore them. Apparently, they’re here to conquer and destroy humans. They’re here for the water. A hybrid of alien and machine, they’re tall, seemingly slimy, and use water to fuel their ships and their weapons.

Bottom line: Spend money at the box office if you want to see marines in action. The battle scenes are well captured by the shaky camera work. However, if you want to see aliens, keep the money in your wallet and wait for the DVD.

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