‘Battleship’ Couldn’t Sink ‘The Avengers’ at the Box Office

Battleship, the movie loosely based on a popular board game, got lots of publicity before its release. However, it wasn’t enough for the film to put a dent in, much less sink, The Avengers. The titan comic book film just kept racking up the dough and setting more records at the box office.

Ironically, the board game movie nearly sunk itself stateside, barely raising $25 million over the weekend. That’s roughly $175 million short of the film’s budget. However, it managed to bring its worldwide total to $225 million, which helped at least a little.

Taylor Kitsch is an actor in which Hollywood believes but apparently movie audiences do not. He starred in the spring film disappointment, John Carter. Since he also starred in the beleaguered board fame film, that’s two major film let downs under the actor’s watch. That won’t help The Friday Night Lights star find the most meaningful work in the future.

Two other new competitors failed to score a hit either. They included What to Expect When You’re Expecting and The Dictator. While it’s no surprise the Sasha Cohen film couldn’t come close to The Avengers, many thought the Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz movie definitely would. Sadly, they were wrong. It couldn’t even beat Cohen’s questionable film, which opened at $17.4 million. The Diaz/Lopez vehicle opened to a disappointing $10.5 million. That’s the worst of any of the star-packed relationship comedies of late, including New Year’s Eve.

The Dictator was never expected to make that much in the way of money or audiences. Therefore, its disappointing box office numbers really weren’t a surprise.

It is surprising that Battleship didn’t fare better given the audience’s love for a similar film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. One might automatically assume a movie about soldiers winning out over an alien invasion would draw crowds; however, many people weren’t that familiar with the film’s premise going in. Those that did go to see it offered reviews. It certainly didn’t live up to Transformer standards.

Expecting was a surprise to some, given the number of romantic comedies of late and the star power of the celebrities involved in the film. Still, Jennifer Lopez’s movies rarely hit a wide base of moviegoers and often fare better in DVD sales than on the big screen.

There’s no accounting for taste when it comes to The Dictator. People who like that kind of raucous comedy no doubt enjoyed the film. The rest of the world, however, not so much.

The following represent the top five films at the box office for this week: The Avengers, $55.1 million; Battleship, $25.4 million; The Dictator, $17.4 million; Dark Shadows, $12.8 million and What to Expect When You’re Expecting, $10.5 million.

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