Bayer’s Aspirin is Now Fast Acting; Relieves Pain in Half the Time

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Bayer’s new Aspirin is now fast acting compared to its older namesake version. The fast acting pills is supposed to take only half the time to take effect and relieve pain. This is Bayer Logo.svgabsolutely great news for patients who rely on an Aspirin regime.

During this past weekend while many were concerned about the rapture, 500 Wal-Mart stores stocked their shelves with the new Bayer fast acting Aspirin pills. The pills are created by “a new technology that chops aspirin into particles that are 10 times smaller than the original.”

Bayer HealthCare’s Dr. Wes Cetnarowski stated the technology which causes the particles to be smaller also “helps to speed up disintegration of the tablet, absorption into the bloodstream and, most importantly, time to pain relief.”

It takes being in pain to realize how good feeling normal is. Seriously, one takes for granted the ability to feel nothing: no pain, no joy until one feels a constant nagging pain that just won’t go away without medication. Fortunately for Bayer, it’s highly likely they will see their sales skyrocket thanks to their new fast acting Aspirin. Who would want to wait for medication to take effect when they don’t have too? No one.

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