Bazaars and Markets of the World

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I don’t really know what the experts say but my conviction is this: when people created the first society by deciding to settle down in one place together, a market was created! I cannot do otherwise but think that people were meeting in a specific place in order to sell and buy goods. Nevertheless, money hadn’t been invented yet. Therefore, people weren’t exactly buying but rather exchanging products; give me a chicken and I’ll give you something to wear that I made from my ship’s skin sort of thing. Still, a market was born!

Everywhere we look there is a market; without it there is no life! Some markets are better than others though; due to their size and popularity they came to define even the cities they host them. Who has ever thought of Istanbul without thinking of its Grand Bazaar after all!? Here are a few markets and bazaars that you simply can’t miss.

Chatuchak – Thailand

We start with Thailand. The Chatuckak market is made of over 10.000 stalls and 200.000 people visit it daily! It feels like one doesn’t need to add too many words next to these numbers! Always busy, it wouldn’t have been a bad idea to take some precautions especially if you choose to visit during a hot day; we don’t want you to pass out that is! As for what you can find there…I guess more or less everything… In case you make it till Thailand though you should try the Chiang Mai market as well; over there you’ll find enormous quantities with silks, handcrafts and all sorts of pirate products etc…

Grand Bazaar – Turkey


Turkey flights with Monarch can comfortably take you to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul which might as well be the most renowned bazaar in the whole world. With a history spanning for 551 (!) years it’s obvious that we‘re not dealing with just another market; it is rather an essential part of Turkey’s history .It is in a place like this one that bargain was re-invented; don’t hesitate and fight for your right to a better price!

Kashgar – China

Another 200.000 visitors for this Chinese market; not bad! It’s open every Sunday and here you can buy animals and furniture, all possible veggies and materials. They say it’s the world’s largest open air market but I guess that many candidates claim “victory” for themselves… Who can really know!? Surely is big though!

Camden – England

I understand that most people are more thrilled with bazaars and markets located in the East where things look more like “bazaar and bargain friendly”. On the other hand, who can neglect London’s Camden? It is a place that youth from all over Europe dreams to visit in order to buy kilos of clothes, feel the atmosphere and discover shops with bizarre clothes that eccentric Londoners like to wear. If you are a student, Camden is a “must”.

Rose Bowl Flea Market – U.S.A

This is a market that works part-time. Open only twice per month is located in the area of Los Angeles and it attracts some tens of thousands eager to dig deep for… whatever they can find from old gadgets, memorabilia and other useful little things. Obviously a different story from the markets we presented just before, something tells me though that in the future markets like this one will grow bigger! Who won’t desire to search for good old CD’s after these will completely disappear from our sight?

Khan Al-Khalili – Egypt

Getting back to the traditional bazaars, here is another one that comes directly from the books of history. Dating back in… 1382, Khan AL-Khalili in Cairo is something you shouldn’t miss if you find yourself in Egypt, taking advantage of the cheapest flights from Monarch. Almost 1.000 stores filled with perfumes, spices, furniture; artisans sell their small miracles and customers dazzled with the variety and the historicity of the place. Please, feel free to bargain!

Aalsmeer Flower Auction – The Netherlands

And for the end of this presentation, something completely different: flowers, millions of flowers!… And of course, where else could it be other than the country of the tulips!? Not so far outside from Amsterdam, in the small town of Aalsmeer, you will find the world’s biggest flower fiesta! 13.000 varieties of flowers will bring you joy and peacefulness with their colors and perfumes! Absolutely amazing!

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