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Now I have to admit I didn't pay much attation to this station before I went to England. I watched it a little bit. I would watch Dr. Who and Hex and that was about it. But once in England we watched BBC in the evening. I found several shows I fell in love with. When I got home I tuned in to BBC America to see if any of the shows I saw in  England. Well a few of them are here but according to Pam the ones I'm seeing now are reruns there. Thats ok there new to me. But now I can find out what the new season has to bring. My husband will come into a room and say " your watching that station all the time now." Hey I like it better then most of the ones here in the states, what can I say. Other then I've seen most of the shows  here I want something new. Cant wait for tonight so I can see what happens on MY FAMILY.

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