BBC Icon Jimmy Saville Accused of Molesting Children

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He’s dead, but that isn’t stopping BBC icon Jimmy Saville’s victims from coming forward. So far, 40 people have stepped up to accuse the man of molestation.

The stuff’s hard to hear too. His youngest victim, Kevin Cook, described his encounter. “He took me to a small dressing room,” says Cook. Then he asked the then nine-year-old if he wanted to earn his boy scout badge. “He put his hand on my knee and then tried to put his fingers up the bottom of my shorts before he unzipped them and touched me,” Cook explains further. “Then he made me put my hand on top of his trousers.” Afterwards, Saville told Cook not to tell anyone. He warned, “We know where you live,” insinuating something ugly could happy. He also made sure to add, “Nobody would believe you anyway….”

With more people coming forward, both BBC and Scotland Yard are taking it upon themselves to investigate the matter. “Jimmy Saville’s victims have faced years of pain. We owe it to them – and to our audiences – to understand how this could have happened – and to make sure that we do everything so that nothing like this could ever happen again.” It’s a refreshing attitude, showing genuine care for the kids that suffered at the BBC icon’s hands.

Unfortunately, it seems that Saville’s ugly antics weren’t confined to his employment at BBC. He’s also accused of paying off parents as far back as the ’50s to keep them quiet about things he’d done while managing a dance hall. That’s how he avoided criminal charges.

Even uglier incidents are possible. Additional accusations say Saville molested children in psychiatric institutions and children’s homes.

It’s amazing that Saville got away with his crimes for as long as did. It’s a testament to a very broken system that needs some attention and repair. Here’s hoping, once the investigation’s completed, something’s developed to help keep this sort of crime spree from happening again.

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