BCS Standings Week 11: Georgia, Florida Move Up

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The Week 11 BCS standings gave Georgia and Florida a boost, signifying that voters could elect to see an all SEC championship game again this season. In the latest BCS rankings, 8-1 Georgia is now No. 5 and 8-1 Florida is now No. 6.

The only loss for Georgia this season came against South Carolina and with the Bulldogs playing in the SEC East, they don’t have to face LSU or Alabama during the regular season. They also beat Florida, giving the Gators their only loss of the season so far. Florida has beaten LSU and gets to play Florida State to end the regular season. They too get to avoid playing Alabama during the regular season.

All this sets up a scenario where either Georgia or Florida will win the SEC East and play Alabama in the 2012 SEC Championship Game. If upsets involving No. 2 Kansas State, No. 3 Oregon and No. 4 Notre Dame, it creates a situation where voters could elect to have Alabama then play the SEC East winner again in the championship game.

This ugly scenario is very reminiscent Alabama and LSU getting to play in last season’s final game, despite LSU already have one loss on their record. The Week 11 BCS standings definitely indicate that the SEC is getting an elevated level of respect again this season, so several other schools are on notice again the SEC taking both slots in the championship game again.

Which two schools do you believe are the best in college football this season? Can Oregon, Kansas State or Notre Dame remain undefeated for the rest of this season?

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