Be on Team Conan: Fans of Conan O’Brien unite to be heard about The Tonight Show – details

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Don’t say you haven’t heard the latest late night crisis where Conan O’Brien is being shoved out for Jay Leno to have the prime spot for the traditional Tonight Show placement. Both hosts, under contract by NBC, have been dishing it out on the airwaves, getting close enough to the viewers to share their frustrations while taking shots at NBC. At some point NBC will need to listen to show fans more than the talk show hosts as they are the people tuning in to see the chatter of late night.

With 88 percent of participants mulling this issue supporting Conan O’Brien, it isn’t surprising that the majority audience is called Team Conan. While matching shirts may be in order, fans by the thousands  are on Facebook  and are incessantly talking on so they can be heard.

This isn’t your grandmother’s fight. Social media has been a big player in making voices louder by using keyboard strokes.

How can you be on Team Conan?

Get to Facebook to sign up for the Team Conan fan page OR The I’m With COCO fan page. Surf around and check out why 125,000 other people care about late night without the use of a cattle prod. The fan pages have some great resources, including how you can contact the show, NBC, or whoever you like. Names, digits, and email addresses are all hanging there for you to use.

Get your Twibbon for Conan. Don’t have it yet or know what it is? The mini icon places on the corner of your avatar is a twibbon. There are a number of free online websites to help you get the twibbon of your choice for Team Conan. The best is Conan O’Brien’s head. Seems perfectly logical since who could miss that hair, right?

Get your television set to hear what Conan has to say. Perhaps the multitude of fans who want him to do well or maybe everyone is just curious. Either way, one more set tuned into his show will help Conan’s cause as NBC will notice the people who take interest in Coco

Wear Conan’s favorite colors while watching the show. If you don’t know what that is, then shame on you. Instead, wear nothing and think about whether or not you deserve to be on Conan’s team.

Come up with your own reasons as to why Conan needs to be on NBC more than Leno. Consider reading this Team Conan must see list to help you figure out your own reasons.

Watch segments from Jimmy Kimmel and from David Letterman mocking Jay Leno as a way to build up your resistance for the older crowd who live in the Midwest and who feels it is essential to see the same thing every night.

Resolve to boycott whomever is stupid enough to try to fill Conan’s chair if NBC decides to kick O’Brien to the curb. Rumors have surfaced that comedians are being approached by NBC if there comes the time when Conan is escorted out of the building.

Memorize Conan O’Brien’s statement to the People of Earth about his decision for not allowing a move to 12:05 a.m. This document, held in high regards by Team Conan, will one day be as important as the Gettysburg Address. Well, maybe not that important but, well, important enough.

Go Team Conan!


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