Be very afraid. Hillary has two secret plans to steal the nomination.

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The first is the bait and switch.

 They go to the Democratic convention with no one over the top, she steps up to the podium to state her case:

 But instead she says, "Let's end all this silly bickering.  We are both damaged and this won't help the party.  So I ask all my delegates and his delegates to forget us, and vote for…"

 She points to the ceiling and a platform is lowered as angelic music plays and lights reflect off a gold podium. A man is shrouded by a psychedelic light show.

 She loudly proclaims, "Here is our savior. The greatest politician of all time, the reknown Nobel prize winner, the inventor of the internet, let me introduce to you the next President of the United States, Al Gore!!!"

 The delegates go wild.  Here is an easy way out. A spotless candidate who has stay out this ugly campaign.  The months of worries just disappear.  They all start chanting Gore! Gore! Gore!

 He raises his beautiful hand and everyone in the hall quiets.  "I would like to thank you all for this tremendous honor. I will bring our party to the White House.  And right now I will tell you my choice for vice-president is the Clintons… I mean Hillary Clinton." He takes her pale hand with his tanned hand and raises them together..

 The hall is blasting the song "Happy Days are here again." Bill Clinton is behind them wailing on his sax, while the red, white and blue confetti falls from the ceiling. The little red pieces looks like broken hearts as they fall upon Obama and his shell shocked people.

 A footnote:  Later on the campaign trail. Al Gore has unfortunate accident with a computer.  But Hillary steps up to take over the Presidential spot because she knows that's what Al would want.  And her pick for VP is… Bill Clinton.

 "Don't worry if this is legal or not. Remember, we didn't get this far by following some stinkin' stupid rules." smiling she says.

But this only works if Al Gore goes along with it.  But she still has another plan up her pantsuit.  The Roosvelt Play.

Post Script :  But this scenario only comes to fruition if Al goes along with it. If not Hillary will use " the Roosevelt Play."

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