Bea Arthur Marine Rumors Surface – Documented Proof?

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The Bea Arthur marine rumor is back in the spotlight after documents were discovered showing the rumor may be fact! Bea denied the marine rumor while she was alive but Bea Arthur Autographed 8x10 Photothe documents show Arthur joined up in 1943.

Although it is strange the actress denied her marine status, Bea Arthur probably had good reasons for why she did. Chances are the “Golden Girl” just didn’t want any ridiculous stories printed about it.

During her time with the marines, she was located in Washington D.C. as a typist but she was never shipped out to the battle field.

So it turns out Bea Arthur was a marine after all. Good for her for serving our country. The truth of why she denied her status will always remain a mystery but it’s really no one’s business. Hopefully, she’s found peace now. You can see a video of her discussing the marine rumor below.


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