Beach Shoot San Diego – An Awesome Adventure Shoot

My son & I booked a kayak trip with Beach Shoot San Diego in March 2010. Since we were in the Los Angeles area, Dan found a wonderful spot on the Palos Verdes peninsula to launch and take our adventure. It was a great choice.

Dan arranged everything for us: Kayaks, launch site, even a golf cart to fetch me back to the car afterward since I’m handicapped. Don’t let a physical problem stop you – nothing is impossible with Beach Shoot San Diego.

I had not seen my son in an extremely long time so this was a very special trip. My son wrote a note to me and Dan put it inside a bottle, which he then tossed in the water when my backed was turned. I found the bottle, and of course the note. That was beyond special! Dan really goes the extra mile on these adventures.

The whole journey was full of lots of information on the area even though this is not one of his main launch points. The man just knows everything. He has a very fun, upbeat personality and kept us in stitches the whole time.

How Dan manages to take any pictures, I’ll never know, but he gets some truly amazing shots. That is, after all, what this is all about: the pictures. Everything else is just Dan being his fantastic self.

I ordered all of the pictures on a disc, and am planning to order one on canvas. The problem is there are so many outstanding shots that I cannot decide which one to get on canvas!

All I can say in closing is that you MUST book a trip with this company if you live in, or are visiting, the Southern California area. You will not be disappointed.


(Note: I used the watermarked pictures instead of the unmarked because I do not want them stolen and used elsewhere without permission)

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