Bear Grylls Doesn’t Survive Discovery Channel

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Bear Grylls of Man vs. Wild won’t survive Discovery channel and his contractual agreements. After eight successful seasons with Discovery, a contract dispute has prompted the network to drop the famed survival series star.

According to the network representatives, Grylls refused to adhere to his contract’s stipulation that he participate in two unannounced projects. Therefore, “Discovery has terminated all current productions with him.”

Grylls and his hit show have been the center of controversy in the past. In its early days of production, sources revealed that much of the show was staged and its star didn’t always fend for himself through the night. Sometimes, he actually slept in a hotel. These revelatations, however, didn’t hurt his ratings. It just goes to show that fiction is often more interesting than fact.

Despite Bear Grylls’ termination from Discovery, he won’t be hitting any employment lines soon. His book Mud, Sweat and Tears will hit U.S. bookstores in May, and he has also secured endorsement deals with Degree deodorant and Dockers.

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