Bearded Robert Pattinson Photographed ‘Out and About’ in L.A. sans Kristen Stewart

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On March 20, Robert Pattinson was photographed apparently running errands around Los Angeles. Although his lady-love Kristen Stewart had already returned to L.A. after her brief sojourn in New York where she appeared on The Today Show, she wasn’t with Rob on his outing. Oh well, in spite of the paparazzi’s prayers, the Twilight Saga lovebirds can’t be always joined at the hip.

As you can see on the photos here, RPattz seems to have regrown his full beard. At least it looks neatly trimmed this time as opposed to the scraggly, ultra scruffy facial hair he’s sported in the past. The Breaking Dawn star was casually but neatly dressed in black pants, a black tee, and an unbuttoned plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves. He sported his ever-present shades and carried a large, cumbersome-looking back pack, as he emerged, unaccompanied, from what looks like an office building into the parking garage.

But where is KStew? Considering the gruelling schedules she and Robert Pattinson have to follow when promoting their respective post Twilight films, it’s hardly surprising that they might be at home in the same city but unable to spend much time together. But look on the bright side, Twihards. Robsten’s third anniversary is coming up later this month. Chances are they already have an appropriately romantic celebration planned.

Stay tuned.

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