Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch was a Knicks’ Fan

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Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys has lost his battle with cancer. Thinking back to the more positive and happy times of his life, Adam Yauch was a Knicks’ fan. This is something that a lot of his fans are not aware of, but this band’s music made a lot of references to his favorite New York basketball team.

In a 1992 interview, the Beastie Boys stated, “But basically we break up the set like in quarters, a tribute to our favorite basketball team, the New York Knicks. We’ll change it each night, so some nights it’s like a rap quarter, playing quarter, rap quarter, playing quarter.”

In the song Unite, one of the lines read, “would someone on the Knicks please drive the lane.” Other Beastie Boys songs also make reference to the New York Knicks, such as Pass the Mic and Get It Together.

Yauch’s favorite Knicks’ player of all time is John Starks. He even has written song lyrics that include Starks’ name.

The New York Times’ Howard Beck posted a Tweet about a time when he saw Yauch at an NBA draft. Beck Tweeted, “Sad, stunning news about Adam Yauch. Met him at the NBA draft a few years ago. Big hoops fan. Couldn’t have been nicer. RIP.”

Yauch founded Oscilloscope Laboratories. He let his love of basketball shine through when he released his film debut in 2008, Gunnin’ For That No. 1 Spot.

Adam Yauch was a Knicks’ fan for a long time, so he at least got to see them be on top a few times. This season looks like it will not end well for them, but perhaps Yauch will shine down and cause a miracle to happen for his favorite basketball team.

Yauch spent plenty of time attending Knicks’ games. Hopefully, he didn’t get too much of a chance to see the Knicks in this year’s playoffs, as it has been heartbreaking.

RIP, Adam Yauch. You will be missed by many.

Adam "MCA" Yauch of the Beastie Boys performs during the Exit music festival in the Novi Sad, Serbia in this July 14, 2007 file photo.

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