Beatles Tribute – Young Performers Didn’t Do the Group Justice

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After sitting through CBS’s Tribute to the Beatles’ 50th anniversary, Baby Boomers were left wondering what was rubbing them the wrong way.

Just what does Katy Perry, Keith Urban, John Mayer and the other singers younger than age 50 have to do with John, Paul, George, and Ringo? Yes, it’s very true that if anything, it shows that the Fab Four’s music has so persevered through the years that even the younger generation appreciates what the band has done, but the singers were having problems identifying with the songs they were singing.

Most of these performers were no more than a glint in their parents’ eyes in 1964. If even that.

The pre-50-aged entertainers weren’t around during the “British Invasion.” They have no real feeling about what was going on back then. They’ve all read books and newspaper clippings about 1964 and have watched all the videos but they lacked the realness of the era. They lacked the experience older people had by living through the time.

According to the NY TImes, “Ms. Perry delivered ‘Yesterday’ like an ‘American Idol’ contestant, hyping each verse as an escalation from breathy beginning to tearful, melismatic flourishes.”

The question is why did the producers hire so many young singers to appear on the show? Why not more performers like Joe Walsh? How about other “British Invasion” groups that were popular at the time? Some are still around and touring. Couldn’t bands and singers from that era be located? Did they not want to pay tribute or were the producers trying to appeal to the younger audiences, the audience that listens to Katy Perry, Keith Urban, John Mayer, and the others?

Most Baby Boomers who have heard of these younger singers and maybe even listen to their music every so often are still more familiar with performers from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Why were the Baby Boomers neglected of these performers?

It’s great to show how the Beatles’ music is popular with the younger generation but it would have been nicer to have seen the bands and singers from the 1960s and to hear how they interpret the songs; people who were actually around during the era; people who were familiar not only with the music but what was going on.

All in all, the tribute was good but it lacked the realism that could have been achieved by not focusing so much on the viewers under age 35.

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