Beautiful Brooke Burke Bikini Shoot – Pretty in Pink! Off me Now!

Beautiful Brooke Burke is seen here in a killer teeny tiny pink bikini! The mother of four let all go and showed off an amazing body in her lingerie inspired pink bikini… yes, kill me now!

Seriously, looking at Brooke Burke strut her stuff in that tiny pink bikini is making me reach for another glass of wine..,. oh, why yes, thank you very much, I’ll drink my sorrows away!

Here I am, what I consider to be an average mother; working my butt off to lose pregnancy weight from a trillion years ago and I am blessed to see that the lord has miracled a perfect body on Brooke Burke, mother of two more than myself… yippee dooo daaaa day!

Yes, major hater alert… don’t get me wrong and think I’m just some sort of lazy butt, I am currently walking around 5 miles a day during my evening strolls but honestly not every mom is built to rebound the way precious Brooke Burke or Pam Anderson are… and for those of you who can, congrats!

Eh, whatever… just enjoy the photos!



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© Amy Saeyang Mattox – July 2010

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