‘Beauty and the Beast’ Discover What Catherine’s Mother Did

This week on Beauty and the Beast, Cat learned the extent of her mother’s crimes as they applied to Vincent. While, at first, the story appeared anything but pretty, it turned out okay for everyone in the end.

Of course, along the way, Catherine also solved a crime. This time it was one involving a Justin Bieber like celebrity who became a problem for the police after someone tried to kill him.

Convinced of his irresistible nature, Jake Riley made a play for Cat’s partner—Tessa. It didn’t matter that she was much older than him and clearly out of the scope of possibility. Still, despite his slick ways, both Cat and Tessa found the kid strangely charming.

Jake’s agent provided the detectives with possible leads by bringing in Jake’s strange fan mail. Many of the letters and cards pointed to people who could have committed the crime. To find out if they did, Cat got medical examiner, Evan, to run the DNA from each piece of mail through the system. That way he could flag anyone who appeared to be a potential killer.

Back in the lab, Vincent and J.T. tried to figure out for sure if Catherine was responsible for the Beast’s recent fugue episodes. Using a drug provided by J.T., Vincent tried to remember some of his past. It worked for short cycles, revealing to him that Catherine’s mother was involved in the experimentation that transformed him from man to beast.

Catherine didn’t take the news well, but rallied after Vincent told her that her mother had been working on something to help him and his friends. He just didn’t know what it was.

Cat decided to gain access to her mother’s old work in hopes of discovering the secrets she hid. At first, Cat’s dad was reluctant to give her the access she needed. He told her he’d tried to hide the ugliness from her all her life. However, Catherine insisted she needed to know if she was truly the cause of her mother’s death or if something or someone else was to blame.

After gaining the key from her dad, Cat searched her mom’s belongings. To help zero in on the right thing, Vincent and J.T. administered another dose of the drug, sending him back to look at the past once again. That’s when Vincent discovered something important. His friends had fugue states as well. It was a side effect of the treatment. That’s what Cat’s mother was trying to cure just before the military decided to get rid of them through mass murder.

With that information, Cat found the notebook in which her mother kept the appropriate notes. She gave it to J.T. who tried to formulate her serum. Unfortunately, he needed access to equipment he didn’t have at the warehouse. That’s when Cat secretly got him into the M.E.’s lab while she kept the Evan busy with something else.

Jake’s attempted murder proved difficult to pin down at first. All the leads ended without resolution. That is until the detectives decided to focus on Jake’s agent. While examining his office, they found a book manuscript hidden there. It outlined the death of Jake Riley in its last chapter.

The boy wonder didn’t want to believe the man he trusted wanted to kill him just for a book deal. So the detectives helped him rig a way to find out. They set a trap, hoping the hit man would try striking a second time. It worked, leaving evidence about who ordered the hit. Jake’s agent was the only one who knew the moves his prodigy intended to take.

To thank Tessa for watching over him, Jake retrofitted her squad car with the latest in stereo equipment. Of course it came complete with a collage of all his greatest hits, the latest of which he dedicated to Tessa and Cat.

At the warehouse, one of Vincent’s fugues led to him escaping the cage he’d built for containment. When J.T. came back, he found himself facing not his friend, but the Beast. Catherine arrived just in time to talk Vincent down, returning him to his normal state.

Concerned that he’d eventually hurt J.T., Vincent didn’t wait for the cure to be lab tested. He grabbed it and injected it in himself before anyone could stop him. Luckily, it worked. The fugue states stopped, allowing him and Catherine to start over once again.

Next week on Beauty and the Beast, Catherine invites Vincent to her father’s wedding. Will he go or remain a recluse? Stay tuned to find out.

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