Beck and Limbaugh call Landrieu a prostitute. Nice.

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Did they really do that thing? Wow, typical. Glenn and Rush, let me teach you something. Prostitution is when you have sex for money. Politics is when you trade your vote for goodies for your constituents, sometimes.

There is a real difference, guys. I’m not saying that politics is always pretty. But if you are going to insist on such high standards, your Republican buds are going to have to leave the Capitol building permanently too. All of them. Bobbie Jindal lobbied just as hard for that hundred million in medicaid cash as Landrieu did, but you didn’t call him a whore, guys.

And there’s Palin, claiming that she was a victim of sexism by being pictured on the cover of Newsweek in running shorts.

This is rich my friends, rich.

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