Beckham Baby Names Bridge Bold and Traditional

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New baby girl Beckham Harper Seven fits family formula for names.

David and Victoria Beckham were most definitely over the moon with the birth of their baby girl, Harper Seven, who had been so hoped for and planned for over all these nine months. Through his publicist, daddy David gushed via Facebook that the 7 lbs. 10 oz. baby girl arrived at 7:55 AM Sunday, and that mum Victoria “is doing really well, and her brothers are delighted to have a baby sister,” and closing with xx kisses. The delightful daughter’s moniker makes perfect sense with the family sensibilities, Harper makes a bold statement, and seven marks the month, the birth weight, and the most famous jersey number ever donned by daddy while he was with Manchester United. How many ladies ever can boast such a memorable name? Perhaps the parents were inspired by the celebrations marking Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, earlier this year. The author herself was quite the bold, remarkable woman.

The Beckham’s should be given credit for choosing names with lasting meaning for their brood. Brother Brooklyn, now 12, was named after the city of his conception, and what a story that will be to share with the grandchildren. Brooklyn Joseph was there when brother Romeo “came out” and the couple, ever the Romantics, explained that Romeo was “just a name we love,” not surprising, considering how fast their passions have produced progeny! Romeo James was soon a big brother to Cruz David, who arrived in February, 2005, and was ascribed his meaningful name mantle. Cruz means “cross” in Spanish, and the couple felt the name reflected not only tones of faith, but that it stood for the meaning of a child created as a crux of love, as well as a reflection of his Spanish heritage, being born in Madrid. We know how his middle name turned up!

The Beckham bunch are going to have a tall order coming up with names to top their own for future generations, but here’s looking forward to it.

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