Bedbug Summit Sold Out – Meeting of The Minds to Produce Solution to Infestation

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The U.S. bedbug summit is a meeting of leading bedbug experts to help figure out how to destroy the growing problem. Unfortunately, bedbugs have returned to this country with a vengeance.

Bedbug Summit Kicks off in Illinois

Because of the overwhelming problem that has plagued college dorms and businesses alike, the very first bedbug summit will be in Rosemont, Ill just outside of Chicago. At the summit, leading experts on the nasty critters will come together to find a solution to this disgusting and growing problem.

First Ever Bedbug Summit Standing-room-only!

Bedbugs have become such a nuisance lately that this summit is actually standing-room-only. There is a waiting list for the sold out event. Everybody from the EPA to the military to colleges and universities want to be at this important bedbug event. Whatever solution is developed, it is sure to be welcome at nearly any place that has had to deal with an infestation.

The bedbug situation in the U.S. is a pandemic, and there is no end in sight, which means that this meeting of the minds is especially important. The situation has apparently been building for years. The cost of getting rid of the nasty creatures was over $258 million last year. The cost for eradicating bedbugs in a residence can top over $2,000.

So many flagship stores in Manhattan have recently dealt with the nasty blood suckers. Even the Empire State Building had to be exterminated due to bedbugs. New York is the top of the list of most bedbug-infested cities, and Ohio earns the dubious honor of being the most infested state. This is such a gross problem. Hopefully the bedbug summit will produce some meaningful and lasting solutions to the problem.

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