Bedbugs: Why They’re Winning the War in Your House

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Bedbugs re quite the hardy bunch. While they were eradicated in the modern world in the early 40s, in 1995, they made a come back with a vengeance. What makes these nasty buggers so strong? New research shows that one pregnant female can create “colonies of bed bugs come from a common ancestor” or a few of the female offspring. That female creates “thousands of offspring that feed on humans.” Yuck!

Bed bug, Cimex lectularius

The study was done by Sheffield University in the U.K. where the problem is on par with the infestation in the United States. Last year, Terminix, the largest pest control company in the world, named 15 U.S. cities with the largest increase in infestations. The three top cities were:

  • Sacramento
  • Milwaukee
  • Las Vegas

The bugs can live for up to a month without a food source, which, of course, is you. The numbers have increased because of international travel and their resistance to insecticides that used to work. Daily Mail writes, “When they bite, bed bugs inject tiny amounts of blood thinning and anesthetic agents into their victim, triggering an immune response in humans”. Even thinking about the pests can send one into an itching fit! Reading about their mating process is far, far worse and only for the non-squeamish. Bedbugs can also cause anemia, rashes (and problems resulting from the open skin, like infection) and psychological problems.

Now that you know how easily the can spread and the reason why, you need to also know that the pros say bedbugs have no affinity for messy or dirty homes. You can be the best housekeeper in the world and still be infested. They are after your blood, pure and simple. Apparently, they’re pretty lazy, too. It says they usually only go after exposed skin and won’t bother trying to burrow through clothes. Sounds like footie jammies and a ski mask are in order!

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