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I’ve always been a parent that developed and focused on set routines with my children from the time they were infants. Developing a routine is the absolute best way to help your child learn to be independent.  That goes for the same for daytime as well as bedtime routines.  The more consistent your routines, the easier it will be for everyone in the household because everyone knows what to expect.

I started routines with both of my children when they were just a few weeks old.  I started off simple and slowly grew from there.  You can start building a routine with something as simple as reading a story or singing a song. 

We start our bedtime routine 30 minutes before bedtime to assure that we have plenty of time and can get through everything.  I know that with younger kids especially, missing part of their routine can turn into ruin quickly.

We start off by letting the kids have a bedtime snack, yogurt, pudding, fruit or popcorn is what they have on most nights.  One night a week, they get to have a sweet dessert, cookies and milk, brownies or ice cream.

Then they brush their teeth and go potty.  Then they decide together which story to read.  Sometimes my hubby or I will read the story to the kids but sometimes Chandler will read the story to all of us.  Just recently, Stephy has started to read some of the bedtime stories.  Storytime is a very special time for our family.

After the story is read, the kids give us hugs and kisses and then they go to bed for the night.  Bedtime has always been a smooth and enjoyable time in our house. 

What is your child’s bedtime routine?


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