Beef Between Justin Bieber and Christina Aguilera? (Video)

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Justin Bieber has a phenomenal amount of adoring fans, but with all that love, there is going to be some hate. Justin is used to the nasty comments directed his way by haters who do not see his talent or are just jealous of his good looks. Remarkably, most stars in Hollywood like Justin and praise him, but last night, there was one lady who was clearly not enamored with Justin’s winning smile and outgoing personality.

Christina Aguilera could not help but show her disdain for Justin when he stopped by The Voice on Tuesday night. Justin made his little announcement and promised to come back in three weeks. Then, he made a very gracious gesture and walked out to shake the hands of each of the celebrity judges. He energetically shook Adam Levine and Cee-Lo’s hands before he got to Christina.

She looked a little put out and threw her hand out, but Justin Bieber is a gentleman and went in for a hug. Christina’s icy stare and stilted attempt to hug Justin back were not missed. Once she got through the horrible hug, she looked like she was ready to spit nails. So, what is her beef with the Biebs? Maybe she is jealous of the reaction he got from the audience or is she irritated he will be back on the show to give a live performance of his “Boyfriend” single.

Whatever the case may be, most celebrities manage to fake their way through these situations. Obviously, Christina lacks the talent to mask her feelings. Don’t be a hater, Christina. You can judge Christina’s reaction for yourself. The ice queen reception starts about the 3:20 mark.

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