Beermaking in Minnesota, or even at home

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MPR Midmorning has my attention with their segment on the long history of beermaking in Minnesota.

From the Civil War through prohibition and the rise of mega-breweries, the August Schell Brewing company has seen its share of ups and downs but managed to survive, and thrive. As Schell’s celebrates 150 years in business, Midmorning looks at the company’s colorful history, and the history of brewing in Minnesota.

One of the guests is Doug Hoverson, the author of Minnesota, land of ‘Amber Waters’. (Hear him at MPR: Minnesota, land of ‘Amber Waters’)

There’s no denying a local beer can be part of a local identity. But how does it intersect with your personal history? Once upon a time I remember getting water from the Schmidt’s plant when it was free and taking a family tour of the Hamm’s brewery. (Of course it wasn’t anything like the Action Squad tour.)

As a Minnesotan and a human being who enjoys a cold one, I’ve picked up pull-tabs on neighborhood clean up days, sung along to the Hamm’s theme, enjoyed one of Schell‘s offerings down the way from Hermann the German, watched the rise of Summit, and generally benefited from the renewed interest in local brewing.

What is your Minnesota-based-beer story? Do you brew your own, or enjoy a local beverage? I’m listening.


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