‘Being Human’ Season 4, Episode 5 ‘Hold the Front Page’ recap

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Being Human starts with a familiar face. Remember Adam (Craig Griffiths)? The teenaged vampire who fed off his parents until they died? The one who was unwittingly given as a sort of foster child to a pair swinging vampires? He’s back, and he chews on teenaged girls. Presumably. It’s hard to know for sure since just as he vamps out, an older woman’s authoritative voice rings out, sending the girl back to her room.

Toby Whithouse on Season 4

Flash forward to Annie rocking the baby while Hal sings as he does the dishes. Someone starts banging on the door. Whoever it is yells for Nina and George and Mitchell and Annie. Tom comes down the stairs, and Annie tells him to let the noisy one in; she recognizes Adam’s voice. Hal tells Adam that Nina, George, and Mitchell are all dead. Adam has come to Honolulu Heights for sanctuary. It seems he’s run off with that teacher, Yvonne (Selina Griffiths), who is now his much older lover.

Apparently the press is hounding them, and they’ve now brought them all down on the trio’s doorstep. They explain that they love each other, but between the perceived age difference (while Adam is over 40, he looks about 16 or 17) and that two of Yvonne’s former lovers died in media res as it were… Well, it’s sort of tailor-made for the tabloids. Adam explains that men go completely gaga over Yvonne. Hal and Annie look disbelieving, because while Yvonne is a striking woman, she’s not exactly Helena of Troy. They ask Adam if he’s told Yvonne what he is. He hasn’t. They tell her—that Adam and Hal are vampires, that Annie is a ghost and Tom a werewolf. She pats Tom on the shoulder and tells them that they are all completely delusional. Tom starts giving Yvonne calf eyes. So that and the fact that she can see Annie are signs that she is not exactly normal.

Adam sneaks out for a smoke, and a journalist, Pete Travis, snaps a photo. Only when he checks the image, there isn’t one. Small problem for the roommates.

That night, Tom has a dream that Yvonne comes to him dressed as a barrister, robes and wigs and all that. She starts speaking gibberish, basically just stringing different legal phrases together in a completely nonsensical manner. She then starts stripping, which is about when Tom wakes up. Turns out that Tom has a thing for the law. He is really adorable. The next morning, he and Adam fight over making breakfast for Yvonne. She sighs. It’s starting again.

There’s banging on the door. It’s Pete. He wants to know what evil darkness lies in Adam. They all look at Adam. Tom and Annie go outside to talk to Pete. Coming back inside, Annie starts to tell them all that Adam did go outside and that a journalist snapped a photo, but Tom jumps in with the information that he was smoking and how Yvonne can’t trust him. This starts a huge fight between them. Annie asks Hal to go talk to Pete. He says he doesn’t trust himself, and Yvonne touches him. He looks at her differently. He excuses himself.

It’s night and he dreams that Yvonne comes to him in a vintage nightgown. She tells him that he is all powerful and should just go and kill Pete and that he should drain her. As they move to embrace, Hal wakes up. The next morning, Annie tells him that Yvonne is a bit nuts. A photographer once told her that she was pretty enough to be in catalogs, but that she doesn’t go around telling everyone that. Hal points out that they have known each other a very short time and that she’s now told him twice. She ignores him. He heads downstairs.

Very quickly all three boys are arguing over Yvonne. Adam eggs Tom to kill Hal. Tom whips out a stake and attacks but Hal kills him. Adam runs. Yvonne caresses him and tells him that now that he’s killed the boy, he should kill baby Eve and seize his destiny. He hovers over the baby with the bloody stake. Hal snaps awake. He goes to Annie. Yvonne is a succubus. He locks himself in his room and sends Annie to tell Yvonne.

Yvonne doesn’t want to believe her, but she does. She asks Annie to take Adam away from the house to see if his love is all because of her powers. Pretty much as soon as she does, Adam snaps out of it and is livid. He tells Annie that “[he’s] into blondes with low self-esteem and a perfect rack;” of course, he isn’t into Yvonne. Annie blinks out and to Yvonne. She tells her the bad news. Yvonne heads out to the press to tell them that she stole Adam’s innocence because she is disgusting.

Adam stalks a blonde. He follows her into a bar and sees Yvonne have her meltdown. He bolts back to the house and gets back just in time to stop her from killing Tom. He tells her that she makes him feel safe through the door so that she’ll know that his feelings are real. It’s a weirdly sweet scene.

Adam and Yvonne leave together. They say goodbye to Hal and Annie. Tom hides inside with baby Eve. Hal continues to hide the scar he got from Tom’s blood dripping on his arm. He doesn’t want to be Eve’s enemy.

Throughout all this, Pete goes to Cutler about Tom’s arrest and to talk about vampires. Cutler is trying to frame werewolves as being the big bad. He goes to Pete’s room. Pete traps him with a cross painted on the door. Cutler kills Pete and uses his body as a shield. Annie and Adam find the body. Being Human is sort of making Tom into a near Kenny like character what with all his troubles.

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