‘Being Human': Season 4, Episode 7 – ‘Making History’ recap

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Being Human answers questions you might not even have known you had in this episode. It turns out that Cutler is a creature of Hal’s making. So when Hal comes face to face with Cutler, they are both taken back to the past.

In 1950 Hal was arrested for illegal gambling. He finds himself in a cell with an officer and Cutler. Cutler asks him if there is anything he can say to add to his defense. Hal tells him that their family solicitor died on the 24th of this month and they are looking for a new one. Cutler points out that it is the 20th. Ha ha. Hal sends the officer out of the room. The door closes behind him, and the screaming starts.

Meanwhile, Annie is in Purgatory with the blonde one who calls herself Eve. Is she or isn’t she? She shows Annie the future, and it is bleak. The vampires have overrun the world, and Hal is the old one’s poster boy. Eve has manipulated events so that Hal would live in the house with Annie. In her original timeline, she did not know anything of Hal other than the “Show No Mercy” on the posters. She brought Hal into the house so that he could kill baby Eve.

Being Human twists the past and the present together. Showing Hal molding Cutler into the man he is and how Cutler uses those lessons learned on Tom and Hal, as well as other vampires. It turns out that not only did Hal turn Cutler, he also killed his wife Rachel when it became clear that Cutler could not, would not do it himself. Hal had Cutler meet him in a bar of some sort, and offered him a cup of blood. Afterwards, Hal brought him down to the cellar and showed him the source. Of course it’s Rachel.

In the present, Cutler gives Hal a cup of blood. Hal goes home and still manages to take care of baby Eve without killing her. It’s quite impressive as a showing of willpower, but he does have a fight with Tom spurring him into agreeing to Cutler’s plan, more on that later. When Hal meets Cutler again, Cutler again offers him a cup of blood. Hal can’t gulp it down fast enough. Then Cutler brings Hal downstairs to see the source, and it’s Alex (Kate Bracken), Hal’s museum date from last week. He had a drink with her after the first cup of blood and Cutler had Hal followed.

Cutler also tells Hal his plan to lock Tom into a roomful of cellphone wielding people while he changes. Hal begs him not to go through with the plan, but Cutler is not moved. He locks Hal in with Alex’s body and leaves. As Hal tries to get out, Alex’s ghost appears from the darkness. She is thoroughly grossed out that Hal drank her blood.

Hal coaches Alex into teleporting out of the room, and she lets Hal out so that he can stop Tom. Alex knows all about it because right before he killed her, he monologued the whole plan. She is incredulous that anyone really did that. Hal has Alex come with him because he thinks that helping other people will help her.

While all this has been happening, Cutler has been grooming Tom to kill. He told Tom that he would lock him in a room with the Old Ones and that Tom could kill them all. Tom, using the coaching Allison gave him last week, writes out a speech to tell Cutler that he thinks they should try and reason with the Old Ones. Tom is adorable. Really, watching Tom read his directions to himself out loud is hysterical.

After the fight with Hal, Tom meets Cutler outside the B & B and Cutler realizes that baby Eve is not dead. That does not bode well for baby Eve. Of course future Eve is probably down with that since she revealed to Annie that the missing part of the prophecy showed that Eve must die.

Tom is locked in a broom closet beneath the warehouse where Cutler is throwing an enormous party. He smells the people and starts pounding on it to be let out so that he can get away, but it’s too late. He changes. Hal yells for everyone to get out, but everyone ignores him. And then Tom bursts onto the dance floor. When Hal yells get out this time, they book. Luckily for them, Alex uses her new skill to get outside and open the doors.

This leaves Tom chasing after Hal. Back at the B & B, Annie rocks baby Eve. She is in despair over what she might have to do.

Well, that’s it for this week. Next week is the season finale!

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