‘Being Human’ Season 4, Episode 8 ‘The War Child’ Recap

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Being Human ends the season with a bang. Maybe. The Old Ones are back, and they are not pleased that they were not met with pomp and circumstance and a sacrificial village. Really. That apparently happened in the 18th century. Cutler introduces himself and shares his genius “distract the humans with werewolves” plan. Mr. Snow, the head scary man, is unimpressed. Cutler turns on the television to show the Old Ones that everyone is talking about the werewolves.

BEING-HUMANOnly they’re not.

Mr. Snow is really unimpressed. After all, he already has a telly that’s as big as a bed sheet. He demands a tribute. Cutler tells him that he knows where the war child is. He’ll kill her for them. Mr. Snow tells him the rest of the prophecy. Mr. Snow has already forgotten his name.

Tom, Hal, and Alex arrive back at the B&B and find Annie. She is shell-shocked. Hal angrily asks where she has been. Annie tells them about the future, and that that Eve must die. He asks her who the enemy with the scar is. It’s Eve herself. Hal asks Annie if she is a danger to Eve. Of course not! He asks Annie what she would do if someone was a danger to Eve. She can’t answer.

Tom has a plan. It involves something McNair taught him. “Always be kind and polite and have the makings of a bomb.” He wants to blow up the Old Ones. Simple if not very elegant. Hal goes off with him, but seems unconvinced.

Hal wants to avoid Mr. Snow, but Mr. Snow is not very interested in being avoided. He tracks Hal down and tells him that he wants him to run England when all the major fuss has died down. Hal asks him to leave him alone, that he doesn’t want this, and to let him go hide again. Mr. Snow lets him know that he knew all along about Leo and Pearl and Tom and Annie now. He hasn’t been hiding. He’s just been on leave. Hal looks shattered.

Cutler arrives at the B&B. He bangs on the door. He asks to be let in, but neither Alex (who’s been left to watch over Annie as Tom and Hal don’t really trust her with Eve) nor Annie do. Cutler forces his way through. If you’ve ever wondered if that was even possible, Being Human answers that. It does. Only by the time Cutler is standing over baby Eve, he looks like he’s been scourged. Apparently, if a vampire crosses a threshhold uninvited, he burns. It’s quite gross. He stands over the baby and tells them that Eve has to die in order to save humanity. He can’t believe that this is how he is going to be remembered. As he brings a knife up to kill the baby, with Future Eve trying to keep Annie from stopping it, Annie ghosts Eve. Annie realizes she has doomed humanity, that she will always save her.

Hal leaves with Alex to make sure that someone finds her body. They’re hoping that will resolve her issues and she’ll find her door. When they get to the club, the police have cordoned off the building, but they don’t seem to have found Alex’s body. Alex takes Hal into the basement via a different entrance. She asks him to take her down off the hook. She doesn’t want her family to know just how hard her death was. He does so, but as he lays her down on the floor, they hear a noise. Hal hides. A group of men enter. The leader, Mr. Rook (Stephen Robertson), walks around and stands right in front of Alex but doesn’t see her, so not a supernatural, but he senses something. They remove the body.

According to Alex, they drive off in an ordinary van. She ghosts back into the basement in time to catch Hal licking her congealed blood off the floor. She’s disgusted but sympathetic that he’s such an addict. Hal is mortified.

Tom meanwhile receives a visit from the Old Ones pet werewolf. He tells him that they should just hand over baby Eve since they are the only ones who can keep her alive. Tom doesn’t want to hear it, but after thinking about it, he goes to the Old Ones with the baby. Hal follows with the explosives. Tom tries to stop him, but it’s unnecessary—Mr. Snow just tells him to get in his box, and Hal does. He mindlessly steps into line. And then Annie and Alex arrive.

Annie throws vampires left and right. The vampire werewolf gets Tom out on Mr. Snow’s orders, and Annie and Alex play throw the vampire until Mr. Snow tells her that he’s very impressed. He tells her that she can take Eve, but tell no one about her. Saviors can make people too lazy to save themselves. Annie hugs Eve and tells Alex that Hal is not a living thing, and as Alex ghosts Hal out of the building, Annie blows the building and all the Old Ones and Eve to smithereens.

She walks through a door and finds baby Eve. Future Eve disappears with a thank you. Humanity saved; Annie’s glowing door appears. She steps through with a smile. Will Annie be back? Maybe. Eve left that open with her rebellious comment to Annie.

At the B&B, Tom ties Hal to a chair. He and Alex tell Hal that they’ll help him, because he’s his best mate.

Mr. Rook visits all the club kids, retrieving phones and scaring them into silence. He brings all the evidence to a mysterious bunker, sort of like a super creepy Warehouse 13. Who is he? Perhaps they’ll answer that next season. He does call himself wicked, though…

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